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As most of you know my brother and I are well… Lovers. While some may think it's twisted I wouldn't have it any other way. I was entertaining a regular "Friend" of mine, who wanted to spice it up a bit. What better way than to invite my brother over and he can watch a brother and sister make love. I thought I would make it a bit more interesting I had my "Friend" join me in sucking off my brother. This was one of the hottest scenes he ever saw, while rimming my brothers asshole he got so excited watching he shot a load on his leg LOL Well guess he got his money worth that's for sure. I told him his time was up and ill see him next week; my brother and I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. I'm not sure what people will say but I am loving every minute of it!

Sharing My Brothers Cock:
Since the first time I shared my brothers cock with another man he can't get enough. My lover tells me let me help ya with that Babs he drops to his knees taking my brother in deep; we both took turns sucking him off. Now that your nice and hard I need ya to fuck me please! Squatting on my brother's cock he was feeding my ass, which gave my lover a perfect view to watch. While ya down there why don't ya lap my sisters cunt dude and treat ya self to licking my cock too. My brother pulled out of my ass and shoved it in my lovers mouth lick her ass juice off of it. They spent the rest of the afternoon using my holes over and over. Hubby came in as we were all laying in the bed kissing. My brother said don't stand there stupid you know ya want to lap up the mess get to it.

Neighborhood Whore:
My "Friend" told Cuckboy to set up the camera and get the fuck out! Now honey we are all alone give me that cock baby. Slurping on this cock taking him deep down my throat. Not yet whore you know what I paid for. I sure do, lube that fist and fuck me. Shit Babs I love your sloppy see if ya can take my cock in your ass while you ride my fist. He went back to pounding my ass then when he was ready to cum he pulled out shoving his dirty cock in my mouth. I told him his hour is up I got 3 more dates lined up. Ok Babs Ill give ya a call. As we opened up the door hubby fell into the room. Were ya listening to me fuck your wife Cuck? Ya you were look at that cock of yours all wet and hard.

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