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Caught With A Slave:
I asked my Aunt if she drop by I wanted to ask her something but she showed up earlier than I expected and walked in on me ass fucking this sissy with a black strap-on. Well yes this is my slave he preps me before a Gang Bang. You do Gang Bans Babs? You didn't wonder who all the men were coming and going from my house? I seen you watching and that's what I wanted to talk with you about I was hoping you would want to join in? Lets get comfortable Auntie never mind my lay back and just let things happen. I went down on her and then had my slave get a black double-headed toy out and we fucked each other. My Aunt told me she always wanted to be used by lots of men. Well I can definitely help you with that and if you want have ya make money at the same time. Let me call Uncle and tell him I am going to borrow you for the eve and we can discuss it ok.

Cuckold Training:
I met this couple online that wanted to live the cuckold life "Amber" wanted her hubby trained! I instructed her to put her husband in his place by beating his ass showing who is in control. I asked want to see what he looks like taking a cock down his throat??? Yes Yes Yes! Look at this he loves it!! Why don't you both share it together show him what his life will be like from now on. With a little practice breaking him in he will be taking like a pro! His first session went well and to rewarded him I let him fuck me in the ass and shoot it on his wife's face hating to see a nice load go to waste I lapped her clean. I see these two on a regular basis and his training is coming along nicely. Like a good cuck he is their fluffing his wife's lovers and lapping up the Goo, but still has a problem taking in the ass but with a few more beatings I'm sure he will come along!

Mistress and A Slave:
You have never seen anything like this before EVER! I had this sissy boi who wanted to take it to the next level I contacted this Dom to come and help me with this new fuck toy. I strapped my cock and gave this faggot a beating and told him to suck my cock down his throat. This dom injected his balls with saline OMG his balls swelled up to the size of a grapefruit he was in tremendous pain which got me worked up I had this boi fuck me and the slapping of his balls against my cunt set me off! Then I let him jerk his cock and feed me some cum of course like any good slut boi he had to share it with me in a nice cummy kiss.

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