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Training a Cuck Slut:
I had a special request from a sissy to be trained as my Cuck Slut. Well who am I to argue. When I arrived with my boyfriend, I found Cuckboy started without me. My boyfriend and I told them, "Oh, don't stop on our account. We'll let you play for a while." In the meantime I pulled out my boyfriend's cock and started sucking away. I then told cuckboy to stand up and let my new sissy cuck practice on him while watching me suck a black cock. My new cuck slut watched and copied me, determined to become a great cock sucker. I then had cuckboy get my new cuck slut's pussy ass wet while he got me off, so I could break his cherry! I have to say...he took my stap-on very well ... for a beginner!

Foot Fucked Slave:
I tell cuckboy that I'm getting ready for a "Client" so when he shows up, keep him occupied for me. I walk in with cuckboy getting his ass rimmed by this Faggot. "Well well...I see your enjoying yourselves. Don't let me stop you. Have at it!!" This Faggot goes crazy he starts leaving Bite Marks on cuckboy then takes cuckboy's cock down his throat. Cuckboy gives this sissy a deep kiss "Okay, you two love Birds it's my turn to have fun! I start to jerk his wee wee with my stocking feet. Then I tickle his ass with my toe He starts to ride my foot. I didn't realize how far it was going in till I slip my foot into his sissy pussy! Boy did that get him going. I tell cuckboy jerk a little lube on my foot then I really give it to this sissy. When I thought it could get any nastier I pull it out of his gaping ass then shove it in his mouth. As he is sucking his ass juices and cuckboy's cum from my foot he jerks off on my other foot Cuckboy goes down to lap him clean then kisses this sissy they swap the cumm back and forth! OMG this was over the top this foot Slave will definitely be a new addition to my stable!

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